Jeannie Thoren’s efforts to change the women’s ski industry have captured attention throughout the country.

She has been featured in industry magazines, newspapers, newscasts and other media outlets spreading her message and revolutionizing the women’s ski industry.



Magazine                          Articles
mtntown magazine            Champion of Skier’s
Powder                                 The Electric Kool-Aid Estrogen Test (Sept 2011)
Women’s Adventure          Gear Goddess (Fall 2011)
Ski Magazine                       Ski Like a Girl (Sept 2001)
Ski Buyers Guide                Aspiring Carver (Sept 2003)
Ski Buyers Guide                Women’s Test Team (Sept 2003)
Ski Buyers Guide                Ski Test Team (Sept 2003)
Ski Buyers Guide                Boot Test Team (Sept 2003)
The Billings Gazette           For Her Legs Only (Mar 2001)
Inside Tracks                       Shaped Skis; Why They Help Women Ski Better (Sept 2000)
Ski Magazine                       100 Most Influential Skiers of the Century Best of the Century (Dec 1999)
Skiing Magazine                  Top 25 Most Influential People 50th Anniversary Edition (Jan. 1999)
Fresh Tracks                        Made For a Woman Welcome to Boot Camp (Winter 1999)
Skiing Magazine                  100 Best Ski Instructors for 2000 (Sept. 1999)
Ski Magazine                       Buyers Guide Ski Boot Tester
Skiing Magazine                 Gear Guide 2000 Ski Tester
Self Magazine                      Listing of Clinic Schedule
Snow Country                     Girls School
STN                                       Alpine Skis
Sun Valley Magazine         Venus On Skis Winter/Spring 2000
Mountain Life                     Ladies Change The Way You Ski Forever Fall – Winter 99/00

Newspaper                         Articles
Ride & Glide Minnesota      Winter 1999 – 2000
Wood River Journal             January 5, 2000
Daily Trail                              January 13, 2000
Daily Trail                              January 19, 2000
Star Tribune                          February 4, 2000
The Times-News                   January 10, 2000
Magic Valley                           January 10, 2000
Cross Country Skiing           Silent Sports